Monday, July 21, 2014

Yard work together and Two Day Intuitive Collage Workshop

Yesterday after the big day of motorcycle riding and having a nice day together the husband and I worked in the back yard.   I had this spot well, maybe I should say nature had this spot that was claimed by mulberry bush.   It has added on new shoots that I've clipped back twice a year.  Well it was a nasty knot ball of above ground roots it looked like and it was about two feet or so down in the ground.

My husband is a ditchdigger and in my eyes one of the best...been doing it all is life...So he kindly helped me dig some more on Sunday and get this monster out and gone.  The mulberry bush seems to have this ability to be in a place that is not appealing. Mostly grows in to the chainlink fence or in an area that is hard to dig out.

Got rid of a few other things too. Happy to say that my yard work is done as of the major weeding.  with great timing by the end of the week I'll be preparing for a two day workshop at The Clearing Folk Art School.

if interested click here

Off to do Monday's stuff and got Art tribe meeting tonight...


  1. You and Randy working in the yard together. Bob and I working in the yard together. Keeping the love alive!
    Bob got poison ivy pretty bad, up the back of both legs and all over both arms and hands...going to get a shot at the doctor today.

  2. Wish I was there.....


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