Saturday, July 26, 2014

Spirit Horse are finished...

 Spirit horse of Cross Winds (All pieces are 8 x 8 collage on tar paper with 2" on all side of tar paper visible and to grommets for hanging.)
 Spirit horse of dusty winds
 Spirit horse of North winds
 Spirit horse of Passion winds
 Spirit Horse of High Hope winds.(SOLD)
 Spirit Horse of Nurturing Winds
 Spirit Horse of Cross Winds
Spirit horse of Summer Winds

Every since my birthday on June 20th I've been more attracted to wind.  I've always have been it was brought to my heart more so. Unless it-winds have picked up something like leaves, plant fibers, rain or snow we don't it's effects unless it moves something.  That movement was something that I founds enlightening.  And this being the Year of the Horse in Chinese Horoscopes.  Not that I follow, it just seem fitting to explore this a bit further as in a series.

Taking the image and with color creating a new piece...same shape but bring to life a new environment.  I might have changed the size on a few and from the left to the right but over all there was change happens from one to the other.   So what am I going to do with them....bring them out for display at My Outdoor Studio Exhibit in September...Now to get busy on some other stuff...

Like purchasing another strand of lights, finding some comfortable inexpensive sitting.

 After putting the grommets in all the Spirit Horse piece I moved on to packing for the workshop at The Clearing in Door County next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday...coming home on a Saturday. Got my packet printed and will assemble them probably tomorrow, still need a few things.

 For the life of us we could not find the same patio block to up inside the tipi so opted to go totally opposite of what was there and placing them down the middle worked better then on sides.  Still a few things I would like to have in place...not perfect but in place... like....

One more stranded of lights...this globe light have handmade paper on them and I really like the effect...not to bright but nice and glowing.

Well on with food shopping and what ever else seem to call up to the top of the pile... 


  1. I really really love this series, Laura! I hope they do well for you at your open studio!

  2. Each horse definitely has its own spirit. LOVE Cross Winds..

    1. Jo too funny, that's my favorite one too.


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