Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Some big and small accomplishments.

 Congratulations to the winners selected by juror Ruth Crnkovich who will present more of their works in a 4-person show at Tall Grass in 2015:
Chawne Kimber, Laura Lein-Svencner, Chris Cicala and Alison Oakes.

Not sure if I mentioned it this but Sunday I have to pick up my two pieces from this show at Tall Grass Art Assoc.  I was surprised that this happened, I believe I was coming home that day from the workshop up in Northern WI.  

Work from my student from Mayslake Class. 

 We had some time I thought...but then the class after us started to come in we some how had to speed things up and I am very placed with the work Sandy's above was full of rich colors and really nice compositions. She really has come along.

 Laureen, has taken two of my collage classes and she's not taken any art classes before but is an art historian and works with copyright stuff and also substitute teaches...busy lady...we all loved her style of less is more...she really has captured that.

 Laura was really enjoying the moment of creating  and the small little ones had her attention till she shared about the Great Blue heron that has been visiting her pond and snatching Koi. So if you can see the bottom one there it looks like her back yard. she was amazed at how it all came together the collage that is and she didn't draw anything out like if she was going to do a painting...Pretty cool I think too.

 Lisa is working from her own photographs and is really doing a nice job. I suggested a book to her..Realistic Collage Techniques. Has some great stuff in it.

So this is one of them...Spirit Horse of summer winds.  Today it was really windy here and the trees were bending and bowing to it and the sound was really awesome.  The piece is on tar paper and I need to put grommets in the upper corners and finish the back of but 1 out 8 done...felt so good to get going on them...

and My front yard has been completed as of every flower bed has had my tender loving care...now I start on the back...I think I tallied up 13 hours...I've not been out to the woods since my birthday we then went out of town and came back and I jumped right into it.. 

Well off to eat some dinner didn't want to go with the husband...not a meanie but just didn't want to tempt myself with a piece of pie...the neighbor and him went out...I'm terrible with it...

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  1. It was really windy down here too. An amazing hot breeze that whipped up speed every once in a while. Congratulations on finishing your flower beds. Like I posted the other day, you have developed strategies over many years to GET THINGS DONE. I admire your discipline Laura. The cool thing is that many of these strategies have become habit. That's what I'm working on. It's hard because nobody else around me is working on the same goals. Thanks for your inspiration.


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