Saturday, July 12, 2014

Repetition what is it that attracts us?

This morning's mediation came in a from a sketch for my totem series I keep talking about....(Gee-wheeze when I'm I going to but a fire under my butt about this) Well I was thinking when I drove home from the Elmhust Members show receptions about cutting a whole and put one of small wooden manikins in there like my Faceless people series.   I'm actually in the process of making paper for the long piece on the bottom of the sketch above.  Some how it's growing with out me...hahaha. getting bigger by the sketch. So far if assembled together it will be 6'10 or was it 6'1"  can't remember...didn't write it down or remember...brain no more... and then will it be free form or will it be a wall's really fun being the process. 

 I'm visually stimulated easy..and this is one of them that I'm attracted to....I asked what is it with repetition that just draws me it the illusion of more and the falsehood of survival to gather and have enough? and does this all stem from a uncertain and fear of our existence?  full of questions...this morning.

 I only took image of the things I was attracted to but the whole exhibit has to do with lifeloggers...interesting exhibit title...but more can be found here about it.  The repetition on the edge of obsession...I get it.  this one has to do with logging the items from an estate I think and how it's done with a photo and card but the way it's displayed on the metal shelving unit and in plastic frames that fold in on each other is pretty cool....

small block with a face on it one after another but the face is slight changed in some way but the outside shape of the face is the same but the feature are a bit different...I can't help but think of collaborative projects or a classroom of students. 

Spirit Horse Series on Tar paper and Watercolor paper

 Where am I going with this sanity I hope, focusing on my own obsessions and repetitions.
Can you tell I so badly need to fill a well of ideas and new stimulation....though I'm still safe in my studio activation this energy in a good way but I just need to see, observe what I like again and add new imagery to my creative stock in my brain.  I know I had a friend I could have called the other day when "I ran away to Milwaukee" but I didn't' want to have others influence my choice of gathering New Views.  Does this make sense?  Well this was my first Spirit Horse done on the Tar paper with Gromments and well this is when I go into "Knowing what I do and then moving on to something else and the best way it to work it to death..and work it well.

 Spirit Horse of Hopeful 8 x 8 outside dimensions 12 x 12 will hang from grommet holes.

 Spirit Horse of Summer Winds, again 8 x 8 art, outside dimension 12 x 12

 One never know how or what the idea will of I wanted to explore this "Spirit Horse thing and now it's got a spin about the wind...and the wind excite me, and all the time I seen the horse standing strong in it also has inner strength for me.  So then that leads me to see what it will look like to see the 8 finished and the two below framed and quite possibly a bigger one done... Once the ideas comes a seed look out it might get planted and who knows what it's to grow into.

 These too are on watercolor paper and will be framed...with white mats....Right as Rain, Spirit Horse

and Spirit Horse of Summer Play.

Hans Hoffman's teaching is about push/pull and starts in the studio and finishes in the studio and be prolific....Love his works.

Robert Rauschenberg would say "work it till you know it or you bored then move on"....I seem to like that too.

The need to take an idea, present it to the Almighty process is awesome. 

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  1. I love the spirit horse series - these are all truly inspired!


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