Wednesday, July 16, 2014

it's Wednesday...Self Care Day..

I know when I was in High School the big thing was "Hump Day" as Wednesday was the middle of work week and we were making it through and now it's down hill from here.

But being that I'm always working on and my work week seem to be round out more so then having a beginning and ending...I've highlighted my week on Wednesday...not always is it a day off but a day to to me in the limelight of my day...

Pamper myself in little ways...extra time reading good informative information...taking longer time at meals and observing life around me. And tending to the bodies needs...good foods, extra lotion and drink lots of water.  I'm a big water drinker anyways but keeping the body flowing is always good.

Being a mom, artist and now a Homestead Manger...Or I feel like a House mother in a dorm sometimes...I put myself first today...with self care.

OK off to do just that....


  1. SAY YES TO SELF CARE DAYS! Do you designate every Wednesday? Or do you decide on the spur of the moment? Just wondering what works for you because I want to incorporate a self care day into my week too. Love ya

  2. It seem that Wednesday is the day that I focus on myself more then another day.

  3. Always good to put self first, or try to anyway... and taking care of self in small ways seem very Zen to me.


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