Friday, July 18, 2014

Here's you Sign......

I received my magazine a few days ago, "Professional Artist,"  in the past I've just not had time to read it, but something in me had me turning the pages and soaking up every word. On the last page, there was a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, " Do not go where the path my lead, go instead where there is on path and leave a trail."   Then I picked-up this book I received in the mail, suggested by another artist who's work I admire, Donna Watson, the book- The Zen of Creativity, Cultivating Your Artistic Life.
I don't get in to the book but a few pages and there it is..." Do not go where the path my lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." 

Seems to me I've received another sign....I've been busy on my own personal pursuit of weeding my homestead flower beds...kind of mish-mosh of sort... or a wabi sabi yard... and producing a new series of work and teaching a class on line, multi-tasking and driving myself insane. But with this all going I'm reminded of, things happen for a reason...and rightly so. Now with that I'm going to continue on inching forward on a few projects and see where it leads to the weekend. Here is my efforts from yesterday. 

I'm a bit sore today but a kind of sore from working hard and grateful my body was there for me. I cut the lawn and it felt so good when I went around my flower beds in the front yard, all was trimmed nicely and I was able to see my efforts.  I know this will all die off at the end of Fall and restart again in spring but I don't want to think about that process...the practice of being present and tending one's yard brings great pleasure to me.  The gift of not giving up and seeing where the hard work takes you. 

I'm honoring myself this time to relish in it...I don't always do that and push forward so fast I end up checking it off the list and not even feeling. 

So the vision of a tent is really coming to's my incentive to keep going...even if I don't get a tent the motivation I'm receiving from this vision is awesome. 

OK off to tend to the on line class last week to post and get into the studio..


  1. Coincidentally, I'm also reading The Zen of Creativity! Started reading it a long time ago and then it slowly moved to the bottom of the stack of books on the nightstand, only to be retrieved last week. Coincidental? I think not!

    1. No...not at all...As a friend of mine's not odd it's....God, so to speak. Just got to stay open for nudges and hunch of the unknown directions. Or fly but the sit of you pants as the husband likes to do...

  2. Your gardening efforts have paid looks so inviting. You are definitely making your own path, in many ways.

    1. Thanks Jo it feels so good to see it cleared and blooming...the bees are in their glory.


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