Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Camper

 I have some many activities to fill my much so that I've got barely anytime to do anything complaints, I think it's a trait of my up bringing...keep taking care of our business..yard, life and art.  Finally got up to the studio and put together two more covers and you can see these covers aren't sewing together yet with the signatures.  I will do that later but the covers take about an hour to 45 minutes to collage...that's not including the time it took to cut the book board and coat the papers and boards and next the stitching it together.  I like to do that at night when I wind down from the usually takes about less then an hour for this size journal and 5 signatures. Here goes....My plan is to have a good assortment of this for my studio exhibit and in October there's a house show I'll be involved in...I know a long time away...well it takes time and one had to plan and work up to it...

Now I've added color to this papers...coated them with polymer and next, I'll be picking areas to cut out a spirit horse and making my tar paper piece out of it...I've got 8 set and read for collaging...finally a happy camper...I get worse and worse as I get older when I can't do what I want in a day...especially get to the studio and make progress on some projects.

Happy Fourth Everyone!! 

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