Sunday, July 20, 2014

Breakfast in Sycamore IL.

The husband has not had some pleasant days on the job...and well when Saturday morning came around he asked if I wanted to go on the motorcycle to Cracker Barrel for Breakfast....I hmm haw on it and then he said well we could go some where else...what about Oregon IL.   Thinking...that we both needed to run away...

Long story short....we left a quick message on the refrigerated board, "going out for breakfast on the motorcycle maybe gone longer....Dogs, cat, birds and fish all OK other family member sleeping and we left.   Rock River in Oregon IL....this is after we stopped in Sycamore IL for beautiful early in the morning....openness, corn fields and a freedom...and connection and closeness. On Rock River it seems the Pelican's are a local feature to be seen.

 I could tell because there was Marketable stuff for sale by the local business on the side walks...Pelican statues.  And there they are early in the morning...Pelican clutching....while some were out at the falls part trying for some easy flow of fish rolling right in to their mouths.

Signs....signs...signs...all over the place about a happens to be Oregon's Trail Festival, a 5 year in the making...didn't know it would take that long..but this was the last year. Here the local artist have easels set up for the kids to paint or use the markers that they had...the back drop of this scenery is so great. 
 This is my favorite was a whole forest full of them..easy 25 to 30 different size tipi's

 The five year long festival...and I do mean every year at this time the festival would be presented to the public...for this Statue.  Black Hawk. In 1911 it was completed. Stands 50 ft tall and it the second larger concrete statue in the world.  The first tallest is...

Here in Brazil, standing at 120 ft tall...well the thing is Mother Nature has taking her toll on the statue and the town has but there blood sweat and tears in to funding repairs and the cut back from the government as not allow and funds for many years to help out...

Well we did our part to contribute to the cause and on top of it enjoyed a special day together. 
I have a surprise coming possibly on Tuesday or Wednesday...

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  1. Was it a total surprise to come upon all those tepees ? How wonderful for you and Randy. Even if it's for a short time, away from the kids, animals, do you and Randy feel like kids again? I know we escape too and it feels so good, like we're on a date. Just connecting as a couple, not as parents, artists, technicians or any other job, just as two people who fell in love a very long time ago. Two people who still love each other and who keep trying to keep their love alive while everything constantly changes.


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