Thursday, July 03, 2014

A treat for the Garden

While I was weeding...and weeding...and more weeding  the thought came to me I would like to add some Lavender in one of flower bed somewhere.   And there it was as I exited out the food store a row of Lavender plants...stopped my cart and grabbed one and ran right up to the customer service desk and purchased it.  Then next thing I was some sweet grass...hmmm maybe I should start some herbs up too.

I wanted to share about Expectation....I think I'm the hardest on myself...I know I can do things and have accomplished many fact all in one day...Like a runner pushing for one more mile I do that with the tasks and jobs.  Now yesterday I had a few more things that I wanted to complete but with food shopping...lots of whole food mind you I spent a good three hours in the kitchen...I thought after dinner I would have the steam to keep it this morning I woke up disappointed.

Really My Mentor shared with me this little diddy...

The thing about being self-employed is that you work for a boss who is too demanding.
It’s almost like you have to over perform to make up for not having a “real” job.

And the lack of a “real” paycheck that comes along at a certain time, is a real motivator for doing too much, too fast.

Gosh...I have great ideas and I'm capable and willing to give them a try and have made some success at the expectation get a little out of whack and well....I have moments when I'm disappointed in myself... Reality is...I'm doing what I need to be doing for right now and it's enough...

Off to the third Flower bed...digging in earth has always been a place of comfort and a place to weed out the wacky stuff floating around an Highly creative soul....


  1. I am constantly disappointed in what I didn't get done the day before. I need your donotrunoutofsteam-ism and donotputoff-ism, Laura...

  2. The wacky stuff floating around in a highly creative mind. That's what you said. So true. What I do is plan relaxation into each day. Not just any type, but meditation. Sitting, or laying, and simply breathing. It was really hard at first, but gets easier to go to that place. Everyone has different ways to get to that place. Love ya


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