Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Crazy life learning thing....

So over my life I've had people just mention this little statement..."Laura, it's not all about you."  and well being me,  I was like stunned and questioned with a What do you mean?
In my personal confusion to makes sense with the world even my small world, I grasp at signs, sights, words and imagery to understand. Understand what?   Life and all it's ways...nothing to big just stuff around me...

Then I had a nice chat with an elder and she asked me if I have heard of Enneagram. I have and many times in fact I've had people ask me if I've done one....well now I know way it all connects when I read the #4 on the personality type see that's of this vicious need to know and understand, to be this loner fantasy type. And the self indignation I seem to be always in.. and the self expressive need to be creative.  I'm not broken Mom...I'm just me, highly sensitive creative type who loves to share and continually work on herself and make sense of the spinning things rolling around in her head. I could be doing worst as of getting into other peoples heads...or making troubles else where instead of my own back yard.

So with that...I share my fantasy....(which by the way I do seem to carry on in my head a lot..that is fantasies.)

 Dan the Tipi Man said...."Everyone wants a tipi but it's only the special people that get them...Thank you,  God. And to my husband for loving me enough to not think I'm one sick puppy...  And to my one daughter that said, "Mom it's OK you're just going through menopause," Thank God for Menopause too!

One may ask themselves....well I do what the blank-ity blank am I doing?  and I'm going to respond now with "Living!  Life is to short....lets get on with the fantasy"


  1. What an incredible tent. I have two comments.

    1. It's about time!
    2. I'm jealous!

    Hoo ha! Let the games begin!

    Carol Leigh

  2. It has always been meant to be. Just look at how it "lives" in your yard, like a tree that has grown up from a seed. And honestly, it IS all about me/you. We are artists. People prepared to set down their self-examinations in markings that may be examined by others. Some of my developing artists statement: I have a face, but a face is not what I am. Behind it lies a mind, which you do not see but which looks out on you. This face which you see but I do not, is a medium I own to express something of what I am. Or so it seems, til I turn to the mirror. Then my face seems to own me; to confront me as a condition to which I am bound. I am trying to face up to my examine the ways in which it defines my nature; setting down a record of it...exploring the assertion, 'that is me'.

    1. With my reading I have come back a second time and slowly read through you statement and I so get it now....I think I did the first time but the second time it really got soaked up better.

      I like it.



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