Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Why Process Art?

*Process is enjoyment and completion in and of self.
*Natural source of learning.
*process art provides the opportunity to:
    * Learn how to use art tools and media
    * Problem solve
    * Enhance cognitive, motor, language, physical and social/emotional development.
    * Express experience, feelings and thoughts.
    * Simulate and develop imagination and critical thinking.
    * Refine cognitive and creative skills
    * Foster success and mastery because there is no one right way required.
    * Learn how to think originally.
    * Enhance (child/adult) self-esteem.

All this came from a preschool art teachers presentation, Process verse Product art....

I'm just tickled to read this as I feel this way when I create my sharing some image from my class and our process of creating collage papers.

Yes this is what we did in class on Monday and I have to say everyone was really busy creating and in awe at what was being revealed as they were creating...dare I say in awe of the mystery that comes from being in the process.   I'm like the rest of to say I like my quick fix of know where you want it now kind of effect...but in creating art some of us has forgotten the beauty to being really in the moment, present and when creating papers for collage work all this can be lost if you go to the store and instantly pick out your papers that were pre-created for you...sure you would be in awe but to know that you took ownership of the whole process as My mentor has shared with one can really experience unless they give it all a try.... As I said before "My favorite piece is the one I'm working on right now."  and the next one I'm working on....etc. I'm in the wonder and raw part of all that is written  at the beginning of this's not that I want to go back to my  it's that I can still enjoy as I do when I was younger all I have to do is be willing to make a mistake and learn again and again...I've also heard....Fail Fast my dear and get moving right back where you were before you thought you failed....  a bit of word collage going on..or as I'm good at "Rambling....."

Well off to do what ever comes to the top of the list today....


  1. Hi Laura....A NICE post!
    This looks so FuN!

    1. It's been great...taking it slower and making the paper each week...their itching to start collaging all this paper is to much, not to do something with. that's why I have them working in their sketch books to explore their excitement.


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