Sunday, June 01, 2014

banners and artist statements....ramblings Techie Gal...

Well talked to my mom for a while to see how she was doing? She lives down in Arkansas and is a school bus driver. The past winter even down there, wreck some havoc for the kiddo's had to go to school on Saturday. Everyone voted to do that to make up the snow days.  As I was listening to all the dailiness that she goes though I put my hanging system on the back of my wood panels.   Then I coated my paper (the mucked up sheet) for the book journal I'm to make soon.

I've been a big of roll lately with tackling things that I've been procrastinating. Like up loading some more image on my website and keep that up dated...I really need to set a few dates on my calendar to stick to it...there's this secret techie gal in my that feels great when I accomplish this task...don't know why I don't do it more often. What happens is I seem to mess up and then have to contact my Web Ranger-Daughter number 1 and ask to help by doing this I'm learning where to look for my mistakes and correct them...again it's usually spelling some wrong or missing a ///or """ before or after the command I write out for the Html stuff.

Got a simple banner done yesterday at Staples.   Well, my "Web Ranger" pulled this out of a hat for I wanted to have close to the same as my logo and sorts for a new tent banner...the one I have is 15 years old...still holding up but the design is so different.   Now I've got one with grommets too.  (got a grommet things) 

Liking her crow that she drew for me....on my business card it has three crows...which stands for Pure Love... One Crow if sighted stands for of when seeing a single crow move forward with and create no regrets or if you have regrets do some soul searching and get rid of them...but also for the banner the single crow also represent Lonecrow..."that's me"

Ok rambling like a good Gemini soul does....the gift to gab...not about anything important...but a gift all the same.

Off to do some studio work or just hang out or maybe my start my journal covers and then Off to the Midwest Collage Society Meeting...we have Robin M. Rios, coming in to share her talents on writing artist statements...being we are a group that does a heck of lot of exhibiting having our members gain knowledge about writing artist statements is a good thing.  One can always use a boost there, well I know I can...

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