Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Many special people in my life...

 Yesterday I received an email from Bette and standing next to Bette is Francie.  They are students of mine from Dillman's but I would say more then that...along with all the rest of my students....we have become friends...I always say our paths have crossed and now we are friends forever... It's good to see them again even in a photo.  Thanks for the picture gals...The best for you both and you husbands...

Our mail person comes at all hours...never know when it's come but today I received a belated gift from my mentor...Carol.  There's a few of us that are Crow lovers but I think Carol and I have been communicating for some time about them... I'm hoping she gets some photo's of the Crow family she's been befriending right outside her home/window...I've even got a photo/print of hers and she has a Tack Down Tuesday piece of mine...she's a wonderful photographer, artist and author...might want to stop by her site and take a pick...she teach classes too.   Thanks so much...I've got so much to be grateful for...many special people in my life. 

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