Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day, Color Vibe

Chatted for awhile with my dad and called my mom in Arkansas and chatted with her to see how my step father is doing...(he's got Alzheimer's) Well with all my photo calling going on my morning was full.   All is well in both section of the county here...Dad's got a new 1997 Chevy pick up truck...well new to him, he's all excited and Step father is enjoying the suckers with the gum in the middle for a treat...helps him with the Parkinson he has too.

The Father here in this house was off early on a Sunday morning motorcycle ride to Lake Shore Drive.  He likes that shooting down I55 to the lake shore and then back...By that time the rest of the family was up and some had to go to work, then other at dinner not know when there dad would be home...when he came home, his son took him out to breakfast and then he stopped in for moment, and headed out on another motorcycle ride....all was good he came home a happy camper.

In the mean time his one daughter did the Color vibe this year....Bernie and her friends.

Smart thinking to put the hair all in a bun....yikes that would have been full of all the color the stuff they toss around. 

Just got back from it....had to get some fresh pictures of the color. 

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