Friday, June 20, 2014

A Birthday today

Last night in between rain drops...the husband wanted to show me how things were going with the birthday present he's been working all week after work.  So we had to put it up to see how it would look, still needs a tail on it and the natural weather will patina it . We might have to hang it another gosh I've got a collection of chimes and now would think I have a problem....But I'm so happy to have this. Now when the rain stops around here I'll be so busy taming the weeds.

See the middle photo...Post note, I've been planning this for along time...Not going to put it off soon as I get off the lap top I'm going to get's still raining but soon it's to stop and I'm going to hang out in the woods...really hang out..might do a walk first and then go back to the Vehicle and get my fold up chair and my collage supplies and sketchbook and see what comes...

I didn't know what I wanted to do specially today and then the idea came to me...nothing big just simple and with a little solitude and serenity.


  1. My birthday wish for you Laura is that you continue to find joy in all you your family, in your art, in your surroundings. Have a wonderful day my friend.

    1. Thanks Jo, what a wonderful wish...


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