Friday, May 02, 2014

things have a way of working out

Our son applied for a Village job...that means working for a Village, snow plowing, clean up and all the grunt work in town. He got an interview and then heard from some of his old bosses that they called them...Well the news came when he got home from his other job..."he got the job! "   we are so happy for him.  As an young adult starting at the bottom of the pot and a chance to work up to different areas in the village is something good for any young person. And well every job he applied for he said he's there you go.

Today I'll be setting up my tent in Elmhurst and it might be rain then....and the show must go on...I've not decided what piece to bring but I've also got to pick up work at another venue. got a case of the nerves....all the unknown and well I'll be at peace when the tent is up and secure....but that won't be till this late afternoon.

A love hate thing happens for me when I have to decided what piece of art work to bring....I have to pull it all out and walk around my house and see what I want to present. To think of it as a 10 x 10 gallery space and how will the work look all together is a personal curator job. All I'm thinking is What do I want to say with my work this weekend....I could go may different direction, color, theme or free for all...that choice will be made when I pull it all some good hiding spots in the house that I house the artwork when it's not out.

Got some framing to do and then pray it will all come together....

Miss my stacking glad I have a picture.

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  1. I love your stacking rocks; keep looking at them too...
    Wonderful news for your son. Good for him! I know he's a hard worker just like you and your husband. And hope all was good at the art show - today is the BIG Spring Tea at The Center, so that's where I'll be working.


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