Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thick in Process today...Day 4-Dillman's

 With the other three class that were ending last night we all had a nice fair well toast, and reception. It really is awesome to see all these people here for the opportunity to learn new ways in art of all mediums.
 Here is one of Franice process
 Jill's piece in process...she is doing a series with hers.
 Mona's papers...she's are queen of papers.

 both of the photo's are Jeanne's she was are gal that pumped them out...creating with great intention.

 Mary Jo working a few at a time as something needed to dry.
 Elaine and her wonderful bring colors just ready to use a stencil.

 Pam's pieces, getting some great effect with the layering...takes a bit of time to really let go and cover some of the stuff up. Then once you do....look out.
 Adele is creating a nice overlay here with the deli papers.

Mona working on her wonderful warm piece there.

We have a full day of creating and I'm sure the gal will go full steam ahead. it's been a wonderful time all together. Stephanie said that everyone from this workshop is always so what can I say...

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