Sunday, May 18, 2014

shapes, beginnings, blessings and congratulations

                              Starting with the basics.....shapes and making some of our own stamps....

Sunday Morning....did my morning pages..heard the Loons and went for a walk. The Raven family saw me and sounded out as I walked by..what deep voice they have. My internet service is low so I'll make this quick and sweet...So happy and darn excited to be here and to see all these wonderful faces. We beginning today. The Art of Layering In Collage...I've got so much stuff planned...they'll all be sleeping good tonight. Well time to make some breakfast and send a quick little text to my daughter who is graduating today(can't make it but all her important people are there for her and with her)...and some specially good vibes to Bette, see you soon.

I guess the word is I've got the of collage stuff and supplies...Hey I feel if you can bring it and have a grand time using it all. 

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