Friday, May 23, 2014

Last Day...Dillman's

 This piece is a collaborative piece, for a Student that wasn't able to make it this week. I started it off with the stacking rocks and then passed it and really amazing what and how it evolved.  The name of it is "Good Vibes."

 Just a bit of process work, this was a tough one and everyone did so good. Rolling over collage papers and pushing them back so to say...there were other names people were using but the reality is to cover over the papers so there not all revealed and not all of the paper is so important this process.

 Over head upside down but still makes for a good composition, this is Pam's piece, tape will cut off later that goes around the edges now to protect the boarder.

 Elaine was in the back here so full of color in her piece and practicing it all...she had to run out quickly at the end, family obligations.

 again a few process shots and the view from the room where I'm at...when I had demo's I would have them come up and sit in the front.

 Couldn't help but get a few extra shots of our prolific one...Jeanne, She was busy one.

Carol is presenting her sketch book and her pieces. She did well and really had a great time.

more to come. 

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