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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Gift from the Sea-The Beach

                                                          My stone this morning so fitting....

Smooth rolled stones on the shoreline from Sister Bay area. 

This morning I read the first chapter of Gift from the Sea, thinking about how I related to the straw bag being dragged to the beach with intentions of relaxing and having time to do all that was brought in the bag to do

I myself just got back from a trip to Door County WI. in my bag... I had my journal, a book to read, my IPad (with more books on Kindle app) my phone, my camera, pens, some index cards and a packet of printed papers with art words and their definitions. I had wanted to write them on index cards so I  can teach myself some art vocabulary. Something I've wanted to do for a while now and daily time seems not so available to do that.  

Time and what one can accomplish and my own expectations all were packed in that bag too. 

As soon as the Husband and I traveled into the Door County area the realization that I wasn't in Kansas anymore was present.  Space, trees, cool fresh air.....less traffic on the road, the black eagles, (turkey vultures flying) a few eagles and many crows and a big raven.  I had dropped all thoughts of what was in my bag and what I brought to do while I was away from the "My normal life."  

Quote-" One is forced against one's mind, against all tidy resolutions, back into the primeval rhythms of the sea-shore." 

I'm always amazed when I want to relax or find balance I go back...but not in the past so much as back to a basic form and flow.  Transformed to the natural rhythm, like earths breath...the in and out of tides, the up and down of the sun and moon...something truly larger then thyself.  Anne, shares a flattening of sorts, a surrendering in order to be awakened to the present.  

At a certain point during my little weekend trip away the bag didn't matter as much as being present. Of course I was fortunate to experience some shoreline effects to Lake Michigan...the waters movement, and see the smooth rocks made by the rollers(waves) as Anne calls them. 

A process I'm only so truly understanding now....life and all that comes needs to have moment of letting go and flattening then a fresh flow of perception can gently roll in, a newness, a playfulness as she describes. 

The understanding of a gentle way of knowing also comes...one that is not forced, manipulated or dug for. Allowing what needs to be reveal come to the surface, is a practice in patience and faith. Seeing the outside world forceful pushing hard for something ?  is a bit scary. 

Sharing a moment as the Husband and I made it to Washington Island for breakfast, there was real awareness happening for me at that time, the people so peaceful, sharing breakfast in delight of the weather changing from winter, the tasting so good.  I know I didn't share my inner thoughts, I think I was still trying to feel the realness of them and be present.  On this big ferry over a body of water and trusting in and all that was....surrendering letting go for the beautiful moment allow me to see and be...let go of the bag of doing....

At this point, I welcome any and all discussion about the first chapter in the Gift of the Sea, The Beach. I'm sure we will share our own experiences which has been the gift to all of us for so many years, connecting her words and the imagery she presents for us. We will learn the wisdom in the words as they float across the page. 


  1. What glorious rocks on that beach, Laura! I know this rhythm, this resetting, this re entering the flow very well. It is why I will always live close to water now. Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience.

    1. Your welcome Kim...Rock Fairy...queen-of-arts.blogspot.com

  2. A beautiful piece of writing, very reflective.

    1. Oh thanks Honey....did you find your book?

  3. As I read this chapter yesterday, I was reminded of how perplexed I have been (for 4 years now, actually) that whenever I'm at our little cottage on the river, I never seem to be able to create much art. In fact, I really have no desire to create art! It's such a peaceful place that all I want to do is sit and watch the river flow. I was accepting of this, but I did not understand it until now.

    I have also been reading Beauty by John O'Donahue, and was reading yesterday (probably not coincidentally--I don't believe in coincidences; I think they are meant to be--the universe teaching me a lesson so to speak). Anyway, what he was saying in effect was that perhaps our "places" love us just as much as we love them, and they take joy when we are there and miss us when we are not there. What a concept! It made me realize that yes, the river and I are one. And nothing else is that important. To feel that connection is what nourishes my soul. The rhythm of the water and the changing of the seasons and the gratitude I feel when I am there--that is more than enough.

    1. Sound like a great read there Marge, so many good books out there..wish I was speeder...or they were all on tape.

      What a lovely concepts and connect it sounds like you've made. Accepting you don't have to create all the time even while you are there on the river is a great eye opener. Thanks sweetie for sharing

  4. I too have felt a connection to the rhythms of the planet, especially the beach. I learned a long time ago not to bring stuff to do. There is a visual attraction as well as a spiritual attraction to the horizon stretched out in front of me.
    From Lorraine...

    1. I question why is it we think we need to drag it all to the edge...When there may have been a few times I was left with nothing to do and thought about bring something to do...the odd feeling when you sit with nothing and thinking you have to be doing...when all that is called for like she said is to be...love it.

  5. I wasn't alone when I went to the beach that week, so I wasn't carrying books and paper to write on. I was just happy to be going; just happy to "be". Complete relaxation is what happened and all that you hear and give in to are "the rhythms of the seashore", the wind blowing through the grasses, the sound of the gulls. I fell "under the spell" and did become "relaxed, open, empty as the beach, erased by today's tides of all yesterday's scribblings". Love that line. The sounds made my mind slow down and listen. The gull walking slowly along the shoreline made me watch him, appreciating the simple..


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