Saturday, May 03, 2014

Elmhurst-18th Annual Art in the Park

Booth is set up #35 and new side walls are hanging nicely.  Now to bring the art work in....Oh so crazy had so much anxiety about this all...but once I got there and started setting up it all feel in to place. Got a phone call from the Husband and he got off work early so asked if I needed help...well getting smarter and not working so hard these days I said yes.  I had used the wind as a helper for the top was blowing just right for a moment to help me stretch out the top and then a gust came and well it went off to the side but I don't give up and on ward I went with a second time and some tugging and there it was my poles in place for the inner walls and the Husband showed  up and we put it up together.

Going to pack up a lunch and few odds and because it's like one is camping out all weekend so what every you need you bring.

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