Monday, May 19, 2014

Day one at Dillman's and a newly grad from Columbia College.

 There she is, Madaline Rose Svencner, my second oldest Graduating from Columbia College of Chicago, she has work very hard to come be the photographer she has always wanted to be.
Proud of glad the family was there for you... I just heard they played the Happy Song, can't way to see the video Bernie took...and my son starts his new job today...lots of great things happening. Really so grateful.

 I had a wall of tables for the supplies and material I bring. What a blessing. 

 if the student want the prayer flag material is ready. 

 As you can see this room is the prize, for the students and myself plus all our supplies.

 Another view

 Here's a look at everyone, Franice,

 Mary Jo, got her sketchbook in...I'll get some image of her soon...

and here is a peace pole how cool is that... I've got to ask the Sue and Denny about this and when it was done...there is other languages on the other sides.  I think it would be cool to have to look into that when I get home.

Well we made some stained tissue paper and we rolled on (sponge rollers) some color to deli paper and drawing papers in preparation for some printing and stamping later today.  As you can see they all where making their stamps in the photo's above.   Had everyone got out and do some quick sketch of things that they were attracted to and let them recreate it with the fun foam and glue it to the wood blocks.

Well best get a full day today all the rest of the papers and a Demo way I went to bed early last night so I could be ready today...What awesome place this it...everyone is so happy and in awe of it.


  1. Congratulations to Maddie! She deserves everything she worked for! Wonderful!
    ...and class looks great, Laura! Enjoy your time there!

    1. Thanks April...soaking it all in mind, body and spirit.


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