Friday, May 23, 2014

Continued from our Last day-Dillman's

When we come to our last day I like to have a moment of presentation where each come and share the work. It's just a way to allow everyone to see it and for the students to share. 

 Mary Jo,

 Franice with her collage sketch book and work...we also had some interesting paper palettes of paint that everyone seem to like too.. and saved it for future collage material.

 Jill was off to the races with her series work...Great job Jill.

 Mona here showing her warm color collages and well she had a cool set but I moved and blurred the photo...

 Adele...sweet Adele showing us her sketch book and the three she's been working one dried she would work on another...all good as for the creative process.

 Pam was very prolific too this time around, and really enjoy the covering and pushing back of the collage papers.
Kaye, showing us her collage sketchbook, She had some great pieces also but as you know I'm  not a photographer...just a simple collage artists and well I blurred a few more picture.

It sure is a joy to be around a group of women, and well we've created this small community as Jeanne shared....supporting each other...I'm set for next year at this time and well just might see about another time too. Not sure...all in the process....Thanks everyone for making it what it is...a great time of learning and filling the well of our creative spirits. 


  1. GREAT looking collages! Thanks for sharing = )

  2. You must be a very inspiring teacher Laura.


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