Thursday, April 17, 2014

Red Roofs are built

 Red Roof in Autumn 6 x 6 with art 5 x 5 collage on Tar paper. 

 Red Roof in the Green Valley, 6 x 6 art 5 x 5 Collage on tar paper. 

 Red Roof Misty Beach, 6 x 6, art 5 x 5 collage on tar paper. 

 Red Roof Music on the Beach, 6 x 6, art 5 x 5 collage on tar paper. 

Red Roof on Sandy Beach, 6 x 6, art 5 x 5 collage on tar paper. 

Oh its been a few days since my last post...Been busy tending to creating work for The Flying Pig and running round picking up dropping off and a trip out to my Frame company to see what they have to offer for a frame for my Danada Herd piece.  I want to frame it and honor the piece.  Hoping to slip in an artist date today and stop in and see the herd and what's been going's so fun to talk to the people working there and hear about the Horse drama...well I get into that. 

Best bust a move got yoga and then some studio time creating some "hopefully little Light houses for the gallery too... not sure how this all will go as of Sales...not going to hang out there in my mind, just purely having fun creating....


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