Friday, April 04, 2014

My Woods walk collection

The woods area I walk through has a pea grave path...I've been walking here about 6 years now..or maybe 7...gosh I can't believe it's been that long...I've watched and witness many changes the woods have gone through as of man made burns and natural huge oaks falling down and the space opened for more light to hit the ground and the birth of young new wild flower bloom. 

But today I came back had some breakfast and chatted with my young adults and heard about there of them did a photo shoot at a prison in Ohio with a friend...road trip for cool can't wait to see the photo's I'll have to share my daughters site when she gets them sorted through...I heard lightly about 450 shots she has...amazing. 

Well where was I?   rambling away...I walked the second time around and decided to use my camera photo with no glasses if there blurry, I could tell at the time...blind as bat with the glasses.  and way these colors popped against the wet most woods and I decided to snaps some image and collect them and use them as inspiration for a it a tack down Tuesday or something later...but having them collected to gather on a page as a reference to hang in the studio...I'm curious what will spark from this or not but the color was really insightful.   Quick reference to Yellow Orchre 

So to my stone I picked this morning....adopt the pace of interesting it has become, 

I witness to doe's, a group of cedar wax wings, some gold finches and a great blue heron and a red tail hawk and tons of gray squirrels.   love the gray/yellow combo....also that I felt out there. 

well one with the day...inspired to create.  


  1. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Great photos, Laura!


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