Friday, April 18, 2014 inspiration and guidance...

"Being alone had always felt like an actual place to me, as if it weren't a state of being but rather a room where I could retreat to be who I really was."  A friend shared this with me...she's reading a book called "Wild"  

I've not read the gosh I wish I's going to be on my list but for right now I have the trailer for the book. One of the things that I connect with in the trailer is the "getting through thing" being in that tough place, not wished by anyone to go through be we all have had them and I'm sure that we can all be grateful for them as the wonderful rich life experience through the muck and out on to the other side up the hill and looking back and say my gosh..don't want to do that again but I'm so grateful I did and pass it now...

One never knows what is a store for us and why...but having an inner knowing that there are choices and we can make them for ourselves we can get to the other side of any thing...

Now where have I been....reading some other interesting book, and working in the studio creating work for the Gallery up north of me and trying very hard to keep life simple...crazy I know after talking to my mentor...she probably thinks Oh careful....don't get to goofy with it. I'm not something is changing with me inner wise...hard to explain but I think I'm really staying humble and grounded and more in tune spiritually and intuitively.  I had wanted yesterday to go to the Danada Equestrian stables but that didn't happen. I was getting hungry and had my almonds and really didn't want McDonalds at all but out of the blue that was calling to curious where that was coming from I felt it was best to get my butt home and stick with clean eating.  I got home and did just was quiet and all were at work...the four legged critters where into there afternoon nap... and a case of the "what should I be doing now or with myself and I wish a friend would call moment came over me"  case of the lonelys..I call it but then I ask myself what should I do to snap out of it...You will feel much better if you dishes are done and you house bills and art bill recording is done so do that...I listen to myself and get that going...and done. 

Before I knew it I had the description writing for my fall classes. I know sounds very strange to be talking about fall when we are barely out of the scare of winter and it's really spring here. But In 5 months I will be teaching hopefully and I have to think about this and get information into the art center etc. so it's locked in on the calendar...I've made peace with it all I use to hate doing it but for 14 to 15 years now I should be getting to the acceptance point don't you think...or get out of the line of business right? 

Another friend suggested the book, "Gift from the Sea"....Oh that is so good, I've been reading that almost every year now since my little ones were born. My step mother gave it to me and I've shared it in a class formation where we read, discussed and created what we imagined in our minds. Talk about therapy that is. 

So with that I'm going to start on this next Thursday...April 24th  so every Thursday I will read a chapter and get wordy with it what I read...and see how it all plays out...anyone have the book get ready and join in....


  1. Laura,
    Cheryl Strayed's book is wonderful. You'll really enjoy it.

  2. Hi,this is a very nice trip in the life!!!


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