Friday, April 25, 2014

Art Reception Tonight-Minute (mahy-noot) Musings, Union Street Gallery

Be the Vision 
I received an email after I received an invite to drive out to the reception with another artist tonight. It will be good to catch up on the ride out. But the second email was to let me know my piece sold at this Exhibit...I think this happened only once before so that is great news to here...then as the morning progressed I received a phone call for a sale of one of My Tack Down Tuesdays from a few weeks ago will now find a home. 

                                                           "Let nature enter you body"

     This piece was created after being inspired from the photos on one of my walks in the woods.

well got some things to tend to today....packing for Wisconsin and maybe planting a bit more for my little garden area...I think I might even plant some veggies in my flower beds...need the sunny spaces. 

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