Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A bit of the water way and art fair coming this weekend

 As we were waiting to board the ferry with the transit we chatted with the ferry man...wonder what the right job title is for the job he does is?   any ways he was excited about the crow images I have the transit and Randy jumped in and share it's my logo...well kind of but anyways the ferry Man shared he was an artist too. He told us where we could see some of his work...The Mill Cafe on the back side. How cool is that...we got a picture of it. The Mill wasn't open, early Sunday morning but Kenny's was.

 I sat in the Transit on the way back a bit chilly on the water...image of the Ice Glaciers as the Ferry guys call it.
 Backwards here....this is us with the vehicle loaded on for the trip over.
 Oh my old Sea Dog...I wished I had the photo of us when I was pregnant with Maddie we had an Halloween party to go to and Randy dressed up as a Sea Captain...had the smell fish in is pocket too. Me I was a Hawaiian lady wearing a Moo Moo...in Hawaiian print...nice and comfortable for a pregnant lady.
Had the GPS still on and on the way back and found out the ferry was doing 9 miles per hour...well time to get doing what I do on Tuesdays and bust a move on getting ready for the Art fair this weekend.

                                 This Saturday and Sunday...Booth 35 along Cottage Hill Ave. 

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