Monday, March 24, 2014

Working through....with art

I've been exploring this series of Stacking rocks and have a few up on the blog here from a few days ago.  I finished the third one trio and now on to the next three.  Totally different stuff going on with them.  I've not taken any pictures as of yet.

I share with a friend last night about some funky thinking going on and like all jobs they have their highs and's totally impossible to keep it going all the time at a set level...So as I go through a bit of an attitude about what I don't know really...because life is good and family is healthy,  work is good...I'm using my art as a way to work through it...I fear that the work is just like the little sign below said...with #3 and #4.  but I know well enough that's not true...feelings oh a funny.  But I'm going through the motions any ways.

Showing up in the studio and allowing what ever to come up and out and honestly it feel great to do that...not sure it's great work but I'm letting go of the judge and jury on it...  As Julia Cameron shared in her books...I show up and take care of the Quantity, while the Great Artist in the sky takes care of the Quality.  

It's this odd and wild thing it's almost like it's taken me over I'm putting all motion but results which I have no idea about or care to listen too...Not sure if that makes sense.  But I'm using the art to get through...As my friend shared I'll be able to know myself better once I get to the other side...other side of what? one might ask.

I look at this all as an experiment and I want to experience too...of moving through something...I always learn more about life and the great mystery.

Know on another page.....Class today and we will be creating a palette of papers to work with...The end result will be some nice value studies and some arrangement studies before we continue.  

Working with what ever color they choose, we will paint our drawing papers, in about 5 different values, working with that color they choose...Like a gray scale...but with color... As I shared this class is basic in design and hopefully everyone will have a stronger understand of it when we finish.

 We will also paint up some drawing paper with these four colors... because the next week we will work in our sketch book on need the color paper ready.  So while we are creating some paper...might as well do these also.

I do love to have just simple shapes and see how many different ways you can place them and the effect of the placement on you as the view what feels pleasing or not. 
Well that photo got turned around...anyways if time allows us we will through in some found papers and sanded magazine pages too.  Going to be a busy get a lot to set up to keep moving forward smoothly.


  1. You always have things on your blog that I want to try. Thanks.

  2. Grateful to be working... keeps one busy and happy.

  3. Oh Laura! We all have "those days"; don't we? Agghhh! But we come out of it and go on...and on...and on. Love the rocks!

  4. That we do April...Growth steps for me...always a student of life..

  5. I'm glad you found that step by step to awesomeness, really shouts out the stinking thinking that tries to thwart progress!


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