Sunday, March 16, 2014

stacking toast?

 My daughter made breakfast and this is the husband's plate....I got all excited and ran to get my phone with its camera.

Not knowing that while I was taking them pictures my daughter was taking a picture of me...

So a good family chuckle about goofy mom running to get a picture and day being a nasty guy giving the figure....never understood that point but well its all in good fun.

Wood panels are taped and a coat of brown acrylic is on top with the sides as of the edge of the wood panel. These are not like the clay board or gesso board...I have to paint not sure where the stacking piece will go but like a bit of a fire under the but...or being the chaos mode all the time...

24 sets of 6" x 9" book boards are cut...going to feel it tomorrow and one side coated with polymer.. sound like a lot but if I get 12 people in the workshop and then I crank out a few extra ones for myself and a few ready for sales...24 sets will be gone.  I use a chip board from Blick Art Materials for these.

Well time to get ready got to go and drop off some art work that happened in a sale unexpectedly and visit for a bit then spend time with the husband....much needed. 

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  1. Yum! Looks delish!
    And I am sure enjoying my journal! Have to get some of that chip board.


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