Thursday, March 20, 2014

Seeking Making Balance

I seem to have this reacquiring reflective segments.  Maybe I should just call them "Rest Stops"  keeping it simple that's what they do for me....when I have these moment and question Life and myself in...I'm truly taking a moment to rest.

Yesterday I asked my one daughter (age 22) What is it I always feel like I'm living two different worlds?  One of self and one of business and I'm always seeking balance of them...Her response was, "Mom, it's not about seeking as much is as you have to make it balance."   I know this and do it but didn't realize the change of words brought to the limelight.

Seeking-  to try to acquire or gain 

Make-to cause to be or become 

So the difference try... versus... to be....

On to looking a my image of Stacking rocks and gathering the references for the next step.

Sharing a new blog, with dillman's in Lac du Flambeau WI. 


  1. Kids. They are so darned wise! Love!

  2. Agreed...I've often heard great guidance from them...Never know where our teacher will the old to the Very Young...staying open is the best bet.

  3. It's so nice to have her watching and seeing and growing!


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