Friday, March 28, 2014

Sampling of the Stacking Rocks Series

 I've not titled them yet there will be three each.
6" x 12" on wood panel.
Part of the first one posted, 6" x ''6 collage on watercolor paper and will be mounted on wood panel.

Red- 6" x 12" collage on watercolor paper and then mounted on Wood panel 
Red 6" x 6" collage and mixed media on watercolor paper and will be mounted on wood panels. 

Blue green yellow, 6" x 12" Collage on watercolor paper mounted on wood panels.

6" x 6" collage on watercolor paper which then will be mounted on a wood panels.

I have one more each of these three series or shall I say 3-12 x 12  but need to wait till the weather is better for photo shoot outside in early morning. This series was part of a spiritual practices and one of moving throw know you can't have a great week all the time every once in awhile you get a really stinker and well I'm one that likes to work with it and through it.  I decided to allow what every happened to be just what it was...judge and jury as I posted before where kicked out and the practice of imperfections was allowed to be center stage.  I tell you the experience at first was hard I had to walk away after the first three in the top series was completed.  Not knowing what the other to sets in the series would be I than let it be really  "raw"  a side of myself told not to do and say or be a certain way but I know ...The real awesome wonderfully whole side came with just for showing up.  The one that doesn't listen to inner critic and outside influences...Sounds a little "Skits-O" Well I made it through....that's what matters on to completing other task that are my list and Birthday Party Sunday for my Oldest...nothing big just a few family members over and she want's Pita Pizza...and Cake...can't go wrong there. She'll be 29. 

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