Monday, March 10, 2014

No you don't need glasses.....just a nose...

about 7:10 this morning I ran outside to see the little fella shuffling his body around the neighbors back yard....Oh we want spring to come and here it is.....the great smells in the urburnhood are fresh as a.....stinky skunk. He was looking for a place to hunker down I think....running around the edge of the rusty shed.   Got to watch letting the dogs out...Hank finally stop smelling a one of them.


  1. Woke up to the very strong scent of one of these a few days ago! The second time in the last 5 months or so!

  2. Fortunately they are not living near my abode. Have the moles to deal with though.

  3. Sharing the neighborhood with our wild life is always exciting isn't it.


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