Saturday, March 01, 2014

New Ride for the Husband

The Husband has been working in the sewer and water line of business since he was 16 years old and around the early 1990's or so the one set of bosses retired and the one son and son in law took over and Randy has been working with these people all this time...(heck they all were in grade school together) And he's had this old truck, and it had gotten to the point of so many patches and repairs that it was more trouble then it was worth...well he wanted to find a new used truck, which financially would be a tight fit.  With hope that something would come out by being open as time went by....he shared this with is bosses over coffee break...not expecting anything from it...Well...the old truck was traded in and now the husband gets to have a new company truck with a plow!!!...just in time for this next blast of snow expected in tonight and tomorrow morning.  It feels so odd that they did this but then they've helped out in other ways over the years...All the hard work and doing the next right thing that this husband of mine does has karma-ed back to him. He's having a hard time with the new...we are folks that have always done with the left overs and re purposed stuff... I never liked red when I was growing up and in the last say three years Red has been a color that has made it's way into my own color palette and now into his...he's a man that likes Black...but it was a deal for the company so not looking to send any gift like this away...Gratitude is not enough here. This might be a change of heart and a different perspective all the way around.

Well so happy for my husband and his new vehicle he gets to use anytime and now with a new plow worries something will fall off or stop working and have to jump out and McGiever it till more time allows him to fix it better. 

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