Monday, March 17, 2014

Moving forward.....

 24 sets of chipboard for journal covers...coated and ready....About 12 of them might be used for a workshop...I cut them out of a larger piece. The exacto knifes even with a fresh blade for every big board seem to dull down fast and cutting through something thicker them a 4 ply mat can do that. But I feel good it's done. It will be soon time to make my own journal for Morning pages so nothing like getting certain task out of the way.  Being I taught this workshop once I remember section of the workshop that could work out smoother thinking about where tweaking needs to be done.

 And with my brainy idea of creating some new piece for a gallery in WI.  I jumped on the tasks of getting my wood panels ready..Not I buy the solid wood panels and then I paint the tops which really never get seen because I tack the collage right on them but it's like adding a primer on there...and then I tape the edges off just about 1/4 from the top so the side view shows the dark brown layer.  I don't tack right on to them all the time though you can, but...I like to work on the paper first...extra work some my say....

           The moon this morning after all night of shinning over on us...nothing like a full moon.

Well off to teach a class this morning and then to the food store...kind of had a free weekend as of didn't to the normal food shopping and chopping I'm going to try to fit it in and make a nice dinner of sorts...we aren't Irish but it's fun to think we are as of Corn Beef and Cabbage with some boiled potatoes. It's all Good...

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