Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easy does it and just do it....easy

The last few days I've been receiving morning messages..."Easy does it and just do it easy...I've wanted to do some more updating to the website and put more pictures of my work but that takes a bit of time as of Html coding...which I'm so grateful my oldest daughter has set me up with so I can do it myself but a challenge and a chore.   I set on my daily task list to add some image on in the evening...trying to set different times during the day to do things...being a self directed kind of person I still need some boundaries...and these are the things that I procrastination on...and put off when I can do them but I need a  good mind set for that.

After seeing Alyson's Pie...which I posted a few days ago I can see a bit clear..well for now that is.

So the keep moving forward on what the next right thing would be is checking in on the art career pie I'll call it...but Today now is for Family, My oldest is turning 29 and her birthday is on Monday but she has to work and hard for family to come over so we are having a celebration today...I do love it and having family over.

Well, best get going on Sunday Breakfast as it's my turn to some good thick bacon.

My inspirations lately is coming from change of season, mentor, some goals and the life I have right now and how to continue it..


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