Friday, March 14, 2014


So this piece got its start in my first class at Mayslake...Basic Design with Collage I added a few more swirls and gestural marks and then the space with the kind of white triangle was calling for something and I decided to repeat the shape but with stronger intentions then the rest of the shapes.  The piece is called Bitter Waters...mainly because the words done in the left corner from a book page have that in there and for what every reason it stuck...

Hank starts his protective barking and I know it's someone coming to the door...but I'm in my studio and by the time I race down the stairs...hoping not to fall the moment passes and things calm down to me waving out the front door window at the UPS driver...(he lives in our neighborhood, kind of cool) Anyways I open it up and I receive this book...I open it up and see that it's from my mentor...who know's I've been working on some stuff and I start to read the inside preface and think...Oh My God..this is so cool...I totally get it and it's best understood so simply done with shapes, color and how their placed...and our reaction to them.

Whats really wild is the shape of my triangle is up in the higher part of the page and not now but a few weeks ago I felt very distant which is know the ebb and flow things and the tide is in the tide is out...and I knew when I checked in on myself with the sight of the skunk coming into view which had me looking to it's medicine as of what is this little guy sharing...and it all started to make sense....I was as they say...turning away from a higher presence in my life...let put it plan and simple....EGO...Easing God Out  sort of stuff...  and Yes it's always after the fact that we get or at least I get it...but there are always some great lesson I learn personal....

So if your into the elements and principle of design this is a great book....Oh Thank you Mentor Sage Woman....Aho~

so now I want to savor this piece and ask some question about it...I really do feel the red is to represent the blood of all living things...the triangle is to symbolize a higher presence in my life....guidance as some would say. but the sticks....the pick up sticks I use a lot in my work....the chaos in a neat pile...what is that all about. I might never know but it sure was cool to finish this up and experience a great read.

I've already finished to responses a demo/workshop contract for Nov. with the Hinsdale Embroiderer's Guild and my entry for a fund raiser at The to the post office.

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