Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Body of work

Been sharing lately a lot with my dear soul sister in Georgia, She's the head of her High School Art Department and I'm so proud of her... so much with budget cuts and more of her time is needed and test...test...test...are asked to be show as measure of some's growth...I look at her picture she shared in a email and I'm in Awe...really in Awe of this.  A study of self and all aspects and sides.  A body of someone works..a life time of observing facing the all our sides.


  1. That would be a great plan... an annual self portrait.

  2. Lorraine is in the process of making a body of work for the Annual Art Teacher's show in her County down in Canton GA. pretty cool...

  3. Love that shot. So very inspiring.

    1. I will share that with her that you commented on her studio space.


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