Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A flutter of tasks...yesterday and moment of Mindful tallying.

Trying to do many excited pulls me into process. I've coated papers, drilled holes in book boards, taped off edges of watercolor paper and coated them with polymer medium.  Brain is circling around...touching base doing a task and then while one thing dries, use time wisely...or to some it might be way to much and look obsessive.  I know I can drive my family off.  Well as you can see I created a Collage/coptic stitch journal...this one has a destination...and had some fun with a long paint brush...for got about that till I was scoping around the studio for something to go in the space up there and the tall paint brush in the bucket said  "try me"  and that's just what I did and didn't wipe off the mark went with it. Linda W. gave me a piece of paper in the last class she took of mine and I pulled it out and had some fun with it...i think it's a grey copy of blue prints...and I tossed some paint on there the other day when I was messing around with Turquoises and decided to use it for this journal.  10 Signatures all sewed together and really enjoy doing this at night know like when people I like to stitch the books together...this one took longer then an hour...I would say about total of three to put together,  Start to finish.. 

Found this  on Facebook this morning....Easily board is my biggest area of....shortcomings....I keep thinking I've got to stop this behavior.  But maybe I should do more accepting of it.  
As a risk taker...I'm not one that will jump out of plane, (that's my youngest daughter) but when I get an idea the risk comes in play with trying to carry out the idea and right now...because it's fresh and my focus there. 
Well I have to say coloring outside the lines has become more fun these days and mainly with the Gestural marking...I love to let it rip! 
Back to ideas....and create from the heart...connecting the two together has been the life long balance I dance with...what the heart wants and what the brain think should be is starting to come closer and not so far apart. 
Well I feel like Sandra Bullock with I've already fallen on my face....I think it's important to give honor to the mistakes, if you don't you'll never get to the other side.  As of accomplishing and succeeding. 

Hating rules....Oh I know the last workshop I took for me I was quiet in the back of the classroom and doing my own thing...Oh I heard the teacher and see what she was showing us and then I just wanted to do it differently...break the rules.  I do it but I also know the rules first so that I can break them. 

Though I do enjoy show and tell I'm an independent worker....times do get lonely but then's when I reach out with my heart for an inner connectiveness with the bigger presence in my life. there something about doing that creative dance....that with others around there would be to much outside influences coming at me.  

My sign is Gemini and we are the messengers the ones with the Winged Feet....we have that in us...can't run away, have to embrace it...I change like the wind....and move with a flow....

Eccentricity...well I know it's there but I've always wanted to fit in and I know I do on some level but can't be pinned down so if the eccentricity shows as of all the above...let it be..and I embrace it. 

I do have dreams....and some really big ones like some day having a Tepee in my back yard and some cool drumming sessions and many woman over and earthly circle talks... or a Yurt...would do with a wood floor and a fire pit in the middle or stove....circles love the circles.   

and this I also found this morning on face to get through the ugly shit an it will shine with Awesomeness. 

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  1. Getting to that awesomeness is worth that battle!


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