Monday, February 10, 2014

The Courage Steps

Yesterday I sat up in my studio most of the day with my lap top and wrote...and wrote out all the things at this point I would need to add to my potential on-line class blog...some start up stuff for students to read.  I sent them off to my Mentor Carol and I feel good about it.  Though I feel I sent her a bundle of words that she might have a heart attack over.  (Hope her husband checks in on her) Which got me thinking...I could go and take a basic English writing class and re-learn somethings...but I would have to go back even further to where you learn to sound words out. Family disability handed down many generations of dyslexia. Maybe I would need a class for people that want to learn English.  I have one daughter that gets the writing stuff, she's "Ace" all her paper for College received A's. I've had her proof read a few rough drafts and she questions me all the time, "Mom what where you trying to say....?"  But she helps me though when she can but not as much as I would like her to.   I could be feeling terrible about this but I want to do better so I'm looking at this as stepping stones,  parts that I have to move forward with a little at time.

I've been told I write like I talk...and that for sure is true.  if that's good or bad...not sure. I know I've read a few that can do it well and it's kind of neat to read.

Moving forward on a revisited dream and  now this year a goal...with good intentions and a bit this the courage step.

I noticed I was so focused yesterday in the studio writing and honestly taking the time to write I had a different understanding of what a really writer would be going though.  When left alone I was more comfortable taking the time to do the writing on the lap top with family members giving me the eye for sitting there so long.  Got to watch the well meaning they don't understand what your going through especially if your not a good writer and you need to get your thoughts together. Trying to work some kind of word magic when all you have is a twig to wave around.

Well I'll leave it at to guide today Last Artists Way class which will be a hard one for two reason...1. we have to double on two weeks worth of stuff, students can't make next week for a make up class so we decided to do it this way.  2. we won't be meeting again, after getting to know each other for over three months it will be hard to not meet...and it's not a good bye at all it's a new door opened in the world of new friendships and like minded people.


  1. I like you just the way you are.....

  2. I write the way I talk too. I'm pretty positive there are many writers that can't spell, they can spin tales but have spend lots of time in rewrites from editors.

  3. Oh thanks April...but there is some cleaning up I can do with somethings...and Spinning Tale would be a great adventure some day.


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