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Monday, February 03, 2014

Pep Talk...

Been doing some homework so to say....preparing for a On-line class soon.  Now soon may be a few months away but that's sooner then a year right?  Little did I know there's always stuff to prepare for and have ready to go. Some what like a physical class, making sure the supply list is ready to send out and all negotiations are done and in place with the facility your teaching at.  You've got the class agenda all worked out so the class can flow and every one knows what will be taught...etc.

So just working on some guidelines, policy and a few other things....lots of writing which is not my strong point...I love to type and jibber-jabber, but to really get it all out there the way I would like has always been a struggle. I don't spell well or pronounce my words right, people have always corrected me and then to sound out words oh....I Just skip over them most of the time...those wires never did make good connection up the brain...so challenging as it is...I move forward. So I expose my vulnerability all the time and not going to let it stop me.

Making friends with it all happened a few years back and now it feels normal to me...as to say people are going to correct what they see is wrong and find ways simply to fix it....grateful for that...but I'm not so hung up on it as I use to be...Gosh have I grown up a bit?  Must have...it use to really hurt...not any more.

The kind work that I do in art has a whole lot more to it then just make art....Knowing your areas that are weak,  facing some of the shortcomings and rise to the challenge or fall on the wayside...which the wayside is not an option for me, never was.  I have to admit this was a block for me and why I didn't progress earlier...silly yes I know...I keep projecting to the other side of things in a negative way...I keep thinking of troubles I'll have while teaching on line, wanting to problem solve them now so it won't happen and all will be smooth and run well..."What World am I living in right?  Situation come up and be it a problem or an area of growth it is part of the learning process of life.  Can you tell I'm giving myself a "Pep Talk"  well I am...

All is as it should be for today....take a deep breath and seek guidance and watch out for what will happen.

Rambles today....


  1. Sounds wonderful, Laura. Everything does - your wonderful love-life, enthusiastic, happy personality shows through in everything you do and we all love you.

  2. Hi Laura, Great pep talk. I am over at Paintspatters Project.....and I am back! Hope to post more again.I really enjoy you work and the enthusiasm you always share. Dillman's--cool! Sherry

    1. Good to hear you're up an about Sherry.

  3. It'll be great, always is.

    1. In the end it always works out....what's the worry right?


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