Thursday, February 20, 2014

Intuitively I follow

This morning after a good nights sleep I wake, do the morning routine and begin to write the morning pages.  Now I'm done with the Artists way book but I still do the morning pages. Feeling good about where I am as a woman, my body and art career, which by the way are all a work in progress. I head to my Ipad and check out this one book that I order and saved on my Kindle app....Body of Work, by Pamela Slim   I start to read it and next thing I know I'm to finishing most of the first chapter...interest perspective...Looking at our Whole lives as Body of Work...big picture kind of thinking...I like that.  So like I need more to do during my day I just follow these intuitive hunches and see where they will take me. Then I stumble upon this Ted Talk...which is great fun.  Tim Brown Creativity and Play.    All good stuff to fill my mind with a Forward Motion...

Now to tackle the day...some bills, some last minute preparing...arranging for supplies for the workshop to be dropped off so I have more time to set up in the morning hours of Saturday and then Swing out to a Gallery where My work is at... My Friday night has been jumble with many things happening and one of them takes priority and that's the passing of my husband bosses father we need to attend so I at least would like to see this exhibit if all goes well then I will head out today,  if not the most important will be on the pile to take care of first.

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