Friday, February 21, 2014

April's 2014 The Artist Magazine- Relationships 36 x 36 Collage process

 Using Kraft paper I spread on the gesso, not once but a few times.

 Coated the Canvas, 36 x 36 with polymer medium two times, I want a good fusion from the heat of the tack iron, so I need to make sure I have a good base to start with.

 Cut the White trash bag, which will be my workstation for the Stained tissue paper.

 Reinforcement rings you can purchase at the office supply store.  I placed them randomly around the white tissue paper.

 Equal parts of Polymer medium, water and acrylic's, this measurement is to create a stain to brush on lightly to the tissue paper.  We will be doing that in the workshop this weekend.

 White trash bag, double thick tissue papers, with the rings in between and water is sprayed gently on the surface so that the stain will have an easier path to follow and soak in.

 Moving on to adding color to the piece that I applied the gesso too, it has dried and now I want add some color...this I mix with some medium and water.

All papers need to dry and then are coated with polymer medium on both sides...need that layer of polymer for the fusion later.

 Laying out the design on the canvas.

 The surface is really glossy and sometime the sewing machine has some difficulty with that...gets stuck.  Not sure if you can see but the papers are now sewn together and then I'll fuse them on to the canvas.  I wanted that line quality of the sewing machine stitch.

 The Stained tissue paper was fused on first and them I applied a blue,purple and black glazing. When I glaze it settles in to low spots and just emphasis the texture.  I just love it.

 another view I usually work on the larger piece while they lay flat so I can put a piece of plexiglass under them and hold it for stability and so the top surface is strong and flat when I heat fuse it with the tack iron.
 Here's the section that I sewed before and now I also gave it a glazing.  Before I fused it down. Sometimes I do this after it's been fused or sometime in sections.
 I do sketch in a small sKetch book and play around with composition and check in on myself as to where the ideas started from and why I want to express this and let go of the out come.

 A few more steps before the final process of completions... Step back and take a look at it.

 Some close up views...Adding some gestural marks.

 bring in color around the other colors with the Neo Colors II crayons.

 Visual and physical textures...

 I just love the freedom a line can add to a piece, the spontaneity that happens.

 Another look ...
 Small section that were added, sewn first and then added.

April 2014, The Artist Magazine....Share article with two other collage artists.  check it out...


  1. KUDOS to YOU!
    AWESOME to see this kind of exposure for COLLAGE!
    I am a collagist and art instructor!!!!!

    1. I hear you Sue, Art mediums have a way of coming in and fading out...I've always have been drawing to paper and clay....building with my hands...and assemblage stuff to. Great to met another Collage Artist and Teacher...wish you the best!

  2. I love seeing your process. So simple and yet so detailed and thoughtful. Wonderful to see you getting this kind of exposure in the magazine.

    1. thanks Jan....didn't have the changes to comment but seen you work....You are bloom wonderfully on the West Coast there with your Creativity...

  3. Love seeing it too, Laura...very nice!

    1. thanks April..

    2. "Laura Lein-Svencner works magic with collage." The Artists Magazine said.
      Congratulations Lady. The photo sequence with text is greatly appreciated. You allow me to be a part of your process and I know you a little more. When I get to know you more, I understand your work more.

    3. Thanks Honey.


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