Sunday, January 05, 2014

Spot the "Good" or is it like the game of Life Jar

Jar emptied in a bowl 
Today was the day that the whole family would have been home to open the jar and read about this years Life Moments or spotting the good. 
5 to 6 fold papers are taken out by each member around the table and read out loud. 
 Snow storm is hitting us now and that mean two of the family members are not with us this morning....their out doing their jobs of plowing and being the Hero's of the moment.  So as we go around the table and try to read my handwriting we start to get a feel for what I've been trying to do all year.  Document moments and share in re living them.

After we read them all I wasn't sure what to do with them, so we taped them to some computer paper and now I can put them in a binder....Oh more things to save...but it's our family history and a fun way share it.  

My kitchen center piece.....No flowers here. Just a gals special stuff that's all. 
My Bowl  stones and my Good jar is ready  for the new year.... Now I think my Clan will now have a good idea of what I was trying to do.

Lets see some of the Highlights  have been
1. Hank got skunked again.....again....again...Not sure if that's good but it's life here.
2. My son Jake sold many vehicles.
3. Husband took some fun motorcycle trips.
4. New Jobs and raises
5. New babies
6. Successful surgeries
7. Good art sales
8. A few magazines and book publications opportunities
9. Successful workshops and classes
10. Great Family dinners 


  1. cool ideas !
    keep save Laura -- we have no snow and warm weather-- and this during wintertime where here in my aerea is one of the coldest in our little land. -fitful weather!

    1. Doing just that today Susi...being smart and staying in.

  2. Gorgeous arrangement. We haven't opened our jar yet. I think we stopped 3/4 of the way through the year. Things started getting pretty chaotic and the jar was neglected. Still, we did pretty well for our first jar. Maybe we'll open them tonight! Better get it emptied soon so we can fill it back up! Thanks for the reminder!
    Oh, and we call ours "The Jar of Awesome"

    1. Sound like a great name for the jar....ours has already document the winter drama we went through.

  3. Really neat! Keep thinking I'll start one...


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