Friday, January 03, 2014

So what's the plan...?

Darn I ask myself that.....I started and then it depends on the time of day and the swing of mindless hormones that kick there head ups which way I think the plan should be....  that old adage about watch what happens when you make plans...God laughs... right?

But looking over the past four years now I'm see that the my planning is more about hints of things and then heading in the direction and see what happens and then another hint and I inch my way around.

I think about four years ago I had these big goals I set for myself that were met...not to sound all big of myself but just things I thought I could accomplish and what everyone else was doing and "the next right things to do "  

Now I'm not sure about all the big planning seems tiring and my attention is not what it use to be...I know I'm not feeling lost or unsure....more at peace with not having a super big plan.

Darn I say content....? I know that there are going to be many more opportunities to keep growing and explained on ideas.  New stage of life where as long as I'm able to be creative and act on it that's find for me the rest of the stuff is just little nudge I took and explored to then come back to home a place of serenity, safety and solitude.

Now after contemplating all that I'm off to cut some book board for a workshop coming up and staying on a good plan of just living as fully as I can...My word this year is Acceptance which is going to be a wonderful challenge and I'm hoping to experience letting go and some joy. I'm sure there will be some heart ache along the way but it's all part of life,which makes it rich and real.

2014 Good Intention/Goals
This year I have to put my health number one, 
Secondly it is to a keep cash flowing coming in with classes, workshops online and art sales.
·        I will try to teach an on line classes.
·        I will to publish a book of my tack down’s on blurb. 
·        I will Focus on "smarter not harder"

With the goal of 3-5 years (which I just said I hate to do, but did it anyways...typing or writing things out helps in sending out into the big wide world)  finishing up the reconstruction of the house and getting ready for our (husband and my) working retirement. We want to build a garage for him and I will move into the attached garage, where I can have my own teaching studio…   There you go's a plan and I know I don't know really what your plan is for me/us I feel that the nudge is heading for this so might as well put some action there and see what blows in and flows out. 


  1. Laura,
    Happy New Year. Was reading something recently and thought of your blog. 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse. Synchronicity, huh?

  2. Like the New Year focus! All sounds good!


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