Friday, January 10, 2014

Never too Old to keep on learning

Though I buck it often I do have a huge hunger to learn and one of my personal packs with myself or some may call it a promise is to never go stale and to keep on learning.   So there are many days lately that I think....I asked for this didn't I?  and I put my mud boots on and mutter through it...

My memory fails me but I've been corresponding with a dear Sage woman in the upper west coast area for some time. We've purchased each other art work and now just as Yesterday share a phone conversation. I love to have this Sage women around me....makes me feel like I'm moving in the right directions as it correlates to the Woman Who Run with Wolfs book...woman standing on the shoulder of each other...the wisdom that has been gain is unbelievable centuries of humbling grounding wisdom.  I know it  sound a bit weird here.

I think I did most of the chatting, nervousness with meeting some new Us- (Gemini's the gift to gab)....but I so enjoyed it.. Carol Leigh a woman of many wonderful creative abilities.  She's willing shared information with me about Fine Art America for selling work on line that's I just might have to take her up on the mentor-ship she's newly going to venture into soon.. this thought crossed my mind this morning....I'm going to sit with it problem is I'm all over the place...always have been and I will go to my grave that way too. It's in my nature...

Well then I came upon another this woman's blog this morning and I want to share with you, her name is Jo Reimer   I think it's great,  How many time have you taken a class or workshop and had any idea what you really wanted to get from it...Heck it's your money your paying for it...I know as the instructor I spend many hours thinking about how it will all roll out and play out, challenging the student to look and take the approach from a different perspective. And what I really like is to watch each student explore their own creative abilities that an instructor has no knowledge of.  The famous "What if I try this" is music to my ears as an instructor.

Being smarter and not wasting our time doing a little foot work on your part as a student is right back to where I started with this post.   I never want to go stale...I may lose my mental ability one day to remember anything but never stale.

Back to a few things before I go....Tune in, dig deep follow the flow of your gut and see where it leads you, stay open for new opportunities even though you have know idea where they will lead. It may be to a new friendship or to take a step closer to a hidden dream.

I wonder if these two ladies know each other...funny thing is their both from Oregon, Now that has me thinking about a trip out there.

 Yesterday I had secretly planned on walking in the woods and bring a book and having lunch with myself...I put it into action but almost at the last minute I was going to go home have a potato in my homemade veggie soup...I make a soup that I can add extra too later, be it a little protein or more carbs.

The voices in my head were telling me to  go home save money and that what would other in the house say if you spent you whole day wandering the woods and treating yourself to lunch.  I don't have to share this information I know but it would feel like I'm keeping something from them...weird I know.

I walked for two hours...I know it was going to take up a good part of my day.  The snow was deep and not easy to walk, as every step my feet swished this way and legs today are speaking to me...which is all good but like I said I know it was going to be a long time out there.  Great Cabin fever breaker...saw an old grandpa kind of gentleman who was enjoying it too, nodded and shared a few words.

When I finished I took my gift card to Barnes and Nobles to find a book but it's not out yet to new..." Out of the Woods, by Lynn Darling ...So I treated myself to a movie called, I Am...I'm to see this movie with a group of my book club gals but I wanted to have it myself...I've got the Happy movie too.

 OK Rambling here... I brought my Artists Way book so I could read up and take notes on Week Seven for my Class that meets finally on this coming Monday....Oh I feel a loss of connection with them, but no worries we will plunge head and get back into the swing of things.

Back to the feeling worthy of treating myself out to lunch...I struggled with it...then I though No you have had this gift card hanging on the refrigerator as a gift to you so do it... I really had to tell myself to take that risk of hearing, "must be nice to do what you want all day" from the husband....I know it's the truth, I can do what I want to some extent and I'm not meant to be taking to seriously but those kind of blurts from loving caring people can put a stopper on a good time for Me/yourself.   All good stuff as it's part of the Week 7....and listening, taking risk and cutting the big artist blocker...perfectionism...I'll have good stuff to share.

See like I said I'm all over the's amazing I get anything done...I'm my own task master cracking a whip on myself though...

Again grateful for the woman that have walked before me and now I stand on their shoulders and prepare for someone to stand on mine. 


  1. wish you the best for the new goals !
    yes we have to learn a life long -

  2. This snow is certainly difficult to navigate. I'm feeling new muscles.


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