Thursday, January 23, 2014

Making choices

I took it easy on myself yesterday but I still had to make some choices....The husband couldn't have started at a better time with winter, super cold, and not working the regular job he can start on the moving the old bathroom back to the new bathroom space....Process and very small steps are being made but so happy they are.   Duct work and electrical all has to be put in long with plumbing...most of the plumbing has been constructed way back the space but it's now time to bring it up to where the vanity will be and the shower, etc.  

I honestly have to say I'm terrible at knowing what I want....I like things and want them but when brought to the space they don't always work so then I have to make a choice about something else...Yesterday my brain wanted to not make choices...but the Electrician(husband)  was needing to know.  We decided on Can lights and then I would like a two on one side and one on the other side of the vanity some kind of hanging know a re-purposed sort of thing.   Oh where would be a good spot for that we don't cast shadows...which is hard to figure out but we needed to know and so it can be put in.. Grateful the choices where made and the electrical boxes have been placed...wiring will be done soon too.

All part of our 3  year goal to get the house done and on to a new big Garage for the Husband....and me I'll move into the attached to have a direction to head in...

Also yesterday I did some experiment with a different substrate....

This is a collage fused to the surface of Roof paper/felt paper/ or some like to call it Tar Paper...which is made from recycled kraft papers and what every else that can fit in and then soaked in tar....good things or bad...not sure but the structure is very integrating to me as I can use the grommets...that is if I can learn how to put them in the right one reverse here.

Oh and a bit of news....

I'll have two more besides these three on exhibit at the Aurora Public Art's building in Aurora IL....
"Women, 2014"

Well not off to get some yoga in and then head to Hoffman Estates to check out a new hanging location and then swing by Addison Center for the Arts and see the Collage Sistars exhibit... 


  1. Wow! Lots going on...and all wonderful! By the way, watched "I AM"... really wonderful - going to watch it a second time before Mark sends it back to Netflix. It moves along...and don't want to have missed anything.

    1. Great to hear you watched it April...don't know if it was the documentary, life as it is now, doing the artists way or what but so many connections I'm willing to be open to lately.

  2. Oh wow .. the collage on the felt paper is just awesome and your bits of news look amazing too.
    I feel with you with the renovation you know.... my husbad just now since weeks is busy with polishing the doors here ( wooden) and glazing them new...
    xxx Susi

    today I started the abstract landscape with your 3 videos Laura...
    I love the process...


    1. Excited to see what you create Susi

  3. Like the tar-paper, would that hang like a flag? Congrats for getting into the woman's show!

    1. Doris they could be flags that hang but the tar paper or roofing paper is kind of I would be looking to hang them on the wall with some big nails and let the nails be seen too...kind of a raw edge feel to it.

  4. Actually you are quite right - if anyone ever told me they are going to paint their bathroom in black, I would be surprised and I would certainly not believe the result could be so good. Congratulations for being so brave and I can for sure say it looks much better than the old white bathroom.


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