Friday, January 31, 2014

Found it and Life's Processes

Yesterday I went out in the afternoon...kind of blustery out and ventured to a little resale shop in Lisle.  Walked around like I was looking for the best blueberries....and there it was a Singer sewing machine table...not your regular's been some what re-purposed already but it is the right height and the length...the width poses some challenges...but nothing the creative guy can put in to forward motion and get a'working.    it's not the other two table but its something we both were looking at when we went on our field trip the other day...

I was thinking about the process,

Look at this piece of's not finished but there's a beginning that has been made and from there anything is possible.

And then I was thinking about posting this all and how the inner critic steps in and says this isn't proper, you should show this it's not finished.....what that says to me is you don't want to look and show people you're Vulnerable...My God...were human beings...get over ourselves right...we need to see process more and not the end result.

In the process is where the excitement is and the growth steps and the real heart...

So I show our vanity which I truly am in love with, we will add a white square or rectangle vessel sink and a nice faucet on top...some issue have to be worked out but that's mean the creative process the one that pulls from all sides of the Universe will be brought in to seek an answer...  a bit deep I know but Heck Honey's if you don't believe then how can you success at life and enjoy living it fully as it was meant to be.

Now my job today is to head out on a bit of road trip for gallery visit and some chatty stuff about a solo show I'll be having in June and to scout the place I'll be going back to in about two weeks for a hang of a group show of "Women 2014"  Then a treat to Morton Arboretum for lunch with a new Sage Elder  so excited,  Great day to be alive! 


  1. What a beautiful finish to a difficult month! Hope the day is splendid!

  2. Enjoy the Arboretum! Atlanta is coming out of the deep freeze...the sun is shining...time to go to the woods.

  3. You are my inspiration Laura.

  4. Love your sewing machine table! Wonderful idea! And love seeing your new piece started. Beautiful colors!


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