Sunday, January 05, 2014

Behind the scenes, buried deep in the white snow....Color must go on !

 As one influences another...the husband  cleaned his space out to make room for my son's Mustang to pull into the garage, low and behold he found the grommets I had been looking for.   A while back I made a piece of art on Roof felt paper and that got me thinking and ideas rolling... When I was in the studio the other day creating picture for my packet hand out I decided to venture into using the tool and doing this...putting a grommets on the roof felt paper for hanging purposes. Use see when I tried many years ago to do the small one for altered books/mixed media stuff....I always messed up...  I would hit soft and barely did anything then I would hit it hard and created a lopsided mess.  One of those things where I just don't have time for...frustrating. Guess the motivation wasn't there like it is now.


 Before the Grommets I step by step made a journal cover and took picture of it...which I still have to create the written parts for the packet...lagging behind or just need the write morning to write...hard to turn my barely writing skills on for this...mornings are always better.  Here is sample of the guide for stabbing the signature with the awl when creating the stitching holes and for the covers to know where to drill or use an awl to poke through.

All this fun from shoveling the drive way about 5 times now...not complaining one but...good old fashion exercise...I've been shoveling a way because I didn't want it to pile up...though the Husband plows, he just can't come back and do ours right away before he goes out...well he could I guess but we have all these adults in the house...heck all good for us.   Right now the temp is holding at 18 degrees but it's to go way down below the negative area tonight and tomorrow. I cancelled my need to risk it all.

A while back I had these ideas and I did write them down on post notes and here's a repeat...on of the post notes was about having a Jan. workshop on Making paper...well for who?  I think just myself as I need to replenish my paper palette and also to make papers for the larger piece I've got in the works.  I'm waiting for the big 12 x 48 wood panels to come in and then I can start noodling about the ideas for the totems I want to make. Like I said so many ideas and I just wish I could pump them out as fast as the come up...but then there would be such great drama getting to the final process and end result I guess.  

Sketch of a band of horses.  
I so want to make a piece with a group of horses in it....did you know a group of wild horse has many names...Herd, Harem, Mob or band.  I like the Herd or Band best...or as my elders would say Clan.. I didn't have my camera recently at the Danada stables, but they were all standing with the behinds to the wind information like was a sight. My cousin Doris lives out west of me and she's got some cool neighbors...some I wouldn't mind living next to. 

 Here are the papers I've been toying around with I do want to capture a winter season I think...I have an ideas and preparing for that then once I begin....I let go and let the papers, Good Orderly Direction and any other kind of creative spirit leads my way.  Always remember to check in with the heart..and the feelings I was feeling while the idea came in....and with my Swiss cheese mind lately the urgency to create it and get it down is always upon me.

And while I was at it and looking at my post notes on the wall of making more paper in Jan...I just had a grand time creating color in the white world round me.  Thinking about all the woman before me that are creative ones and what qualities they have that I also have and need to grow and foster in my life. 


  1. Beautiful work,I love the mixmedia art!

  2. Neat papers! What's the totem plan of attack? Media I mean.

  3. Oh the Totems...of course will have collage papers of sorts not sure what yet...the wood panels I want to use are on back order...there 12 x 48 which is insanely wild....but as the idea/intution flows in I just say OK God you got to help me with this one...


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours