Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A little personal Task work

This sketch was done in my morning pages this morning.  I cracked open the Artists Way book and took a look at the second tasks...well your to visualize you dream....well here it is.  and then write about it like you really doing it. Lets see it says...In the present tense, describe yourself doing it at the height of you powers! This is your Ideal scene.

then do some reading out loud of what you wrote, post it in your work space, and then read it daily...collect actual pictures of yourself and combine them with magazine image to collage you ideal scene described above. Remember seeing is believing, and the added visual cue of you real self in you ideas scene can make it far more real.

Call my been there and now coming back with passion...I'm sharing this all because this dream has come back in to realization.  I see me turning the light on in the studio/class room space. Standing at my work station and opening up a folder checking the days agenda what time the next class starts.  I get the hot water pot going for some morning tea, light an incense to freshen up the place and then I turn on the music.   The garage has been converted in to my class/studio space while the husband's space now is in the back yard bigger and better for him...this is our retirement.  The idea of taking out the garage door and putting in a regular door or what would really be cool is one of the warehouse doors and that roll open. Oh gosh this tasks is pretty fun as I'm writing it out on the blog here Ideas are just playing with me...Well there would also be a big window to see out of and in...some kind of signage so I can see to be able to see.  I will have my own space to teach out of instead of having to work with other art leagues, guilds extra.  Not that this has been all bad it's just dealing with a middle person. I'm grateful for the space I teach in's just when I retire lugging around all the supplies to the centers and leagues I figure I'll have earned my badge by then...

well now to print this out and get a piece of mat board to glue it on and start the gathering this week... what is always so funny is when you put something like this in the slightest motion forward images will be coming to me...In fact for part of this dream today the Husband is off of work because it's so cool to work out side we are heading to a restorations I'm bringing my camera, so excited. We are looking for bathroom vanity but I would like a re-purposed know a old dresser or something that was something else and now it's vanity...

OK off to take a shower and get ready....then the rest of the week it's buckling down to do my Mentee work...that means I've got to do some you all can tell not one of my strong to do it but never comes out like I would like it...


  1. Great visualization! Peace.

    1. So funny how a dream can fall on the way side and then come back in so strong again...

  2. Love this! It makes ME excited! Love your rolling door idea! I suspect you are well along on the way to this dream......I just feel it! Crazy......I know! But I do! You can make it happen!

    1. Yes Robin like the sliding door effect...saw some yesterday in the city...might have to change my design...but in the mean time I might print out a picture and start my dream collage...Week 9 task work...I'm so behind and I'm the guide in this session...crazy but loving it.


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